"Self-proclaimed 'sovereigns' gaining attention in Wash. state"


The movement has been around a while but never seemed to gain the momentum of, say the Tea Party. In the late 70's early 80's there was a group of them in Redmond, OR who made the news for a while due to their replacing license plates with cardboard cutouts with he word "Militia' on them which is what they stated they were a part of and were 'Sovereign Citizens' I worked with one of them at he time so I heard a lot about it. It eventually faded out but my parents had a neighbor for several years who was a self-proclaimed 'Sovereign' and was very serious about it.
The FBI considers sovereigns to be potential anti-government terrorists.

REALLY? I think people are just tired of all the BS. So the government deems them "bloody and violent" and "possible anti-government terrorists". They must be gettin scared. And I totally agree with VW, anyone can be violent. It doesnt matter what group they are a part of. Remember when that crazy mother drove her kids into the river in their mini van? Are all moms in this country bloody violent kid killers? Hhhmmmm?
The reason that they (the FBI) consider them a threat is that they have, historically, been a threat. They (Sovereigns) have issued death threats to a great number of people, and have carried them out in some cases....

This is one of those "if it walks like a duck..." things. Other than that, I think they are a bit wacky, and way, way out there in right field. I mean, come on, some of the stuff they argue is just plain silly....read up on their arguments about the 14th Amendment and creating "federal" citizens as opposed to "sovereign" citizens and all kind of carpola...

I've got a can of shoe polish...It is Shinola. The stuff the Sovereign Citizens movement peddles sure ain't.
If you look at this article with respect to the federal government's viewpoint, anybody who is for limiting federal power is an enemy. Anybody who doesn't want to claim to be a citizen of the 10 square miles called DC is an enemy.

We the people created the federal government and gave it limited powers; we the people have collectively grown fat ansd lazy and let the federal government get out of hand. Along come some people who wake up and claim their right as a citizen of a state and not the federal government...and understand that they control the federal government and not the other way around. Of course, the federal government is going to call them terrorists and violent...and try to put them "in their proper place".
Fringe goofiness. We see them from time to time in Oregon. "This court has no jurisdiction, because the wrong flag is flying in the courtroom." "He has now judicial power, because the oath he took was 2 words different from that prescribed in the constitution." "X is not a valid candidate because he did not pay his filing fee in gold or silver."

Yeah, right. Whatever. Goofiness among the 2A crowd discredits our cause. I'm sure no one here is that silly, right?
I wouldn't sign up for the whole program - but some aspects have a certain appeal. I'm perfectly willing to participate in society as a human being of equal standing and worth. The society we currently operate under is pretty lopsided as far as equal treatment and protection go, and becoming more uneven as we go along. Maybe I wish for what never was and never will be, but I have some issues with basic fairness in this life. It is hard to accept that we are born into this world as human resources for the people that made it the top of the pile generations ago.

Don't believe it? Try finding a place in the world where you can stake out a space for yourself and do as you please without interference. Someone will always show up to tell you what the rules are, and how much you have to pay for the privilige of suckin their air.
were all on the "list" thats for sure, the gov is creating these false inernet "hackers" so that they can control the web and we cant do stuff like this, or pass the info around that isnt on your local "news" along with talking dogs, and guys showing there weiners. they are trying to belittle us and make us feel like we are in such a terrible and dangerous world that it is ok for them to walk into our homes, weapons drawn with no reason, killing vets, and put there hands down our pants and grope babies when we try to travel. it is ridiculous, its getting worse everyday, people WAKE UP our country is in the crapper and we cant just keep our mouths shut anymore i dont know what to do but try to spread the word, call me crazy but i think you are crazy if you dont see this tyranny evolving more and more, our constitution is being crapped on spread the word. or just copy and paste this and talk down about it. either way, im more and more prepared eveyday, regardless of how "crazy" i am


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