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    Well in a earlier thread we touched on "Rackability" (It's a word, I just made it so) anyways what 380's might be the easiest to rack. I selected all the 380's I or the wife own. So for the tests I did set one up, and naturally it is subjective, but I tried to be fair. No loaded guns, that might change things in day to day life, with some loaded magazines being more resistant to racking. I just did it the unscientific easy way. I removed the magazines on all that would allow (Browning would not) and racked each of them three times, once or twice I had to redo two of them for a tie breaker. While I was at it I measured the trigger pull of each gun, cocked if possible, DAO if not, and Double & Single action for the Browning.
    So from best to worst the easiest to rack was

    1.. Smith & Wesson Sigma 380. Easily the easiest, Long notchy Trigger pull averaged 9 pounds.

    2.. Remington RM 380. almost a tie with #3, long Smooth Trigger pull average 9 pounds.

    3.. Colt Mustang XSP. Smoothest trigger and 5 pound pull.

    4.. Ruger LCP Custom. nice trigger, great sights 7 pound pull

    5.. Ruger LCP. This limited edition had the highly polished slide which degraded the grasp on the cocking serrations some and it has lesser sight compared to Custom. Prettier, 7.3 pounds.

    6.. Glock G-42. Largest of the pocket guns. Good regular Glock sights. 8 pound pull. I thought less.

    7.. Browning BDA. NOT a pocket pistol, 13 round double stack. kind of poor sights magazine disconnect safety, Decocker, double action pull 8 pounds, single action 4 pounds.

    8.. Kahr CW380. surprised me that it was last, but it is. nice 5 pound trigger though.

    So I never in my wildest dreams would have picked the Sigma for first in anything nor the Kahr last in anything. The wife has most trouble with the Ruger Limited edition as she has less clamping power than I do. Those polished cocking serrations are a problem, unless she wears gloves.

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