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I apologize in advance for asking what I am sure has been covered many times. I live in Wood Village and my health won't allow me to go hiking very far. I need a decent place to shoot small bore rifle and handguns. I am new to reloading and have been wanting to set up my chronograph as I work up some loads. I will pick up after myself and even help pick up after others in order to keep the areas open. I also love shooting black powder. So indoor ranges are out of the question. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.
Not aware where Wood Village is. Stevenson pits are usually snowed out this time of year. But - travel over Bridge of the Gods (exit 44 I-84). Pay a buck each way to cross over.
At end of bridge in Washington turn right then turn left onto Ash lake road 150 yards from bridge. Travel 1-1/2 miles and turn left (uphill) onto Blue lake road and continue for approx. 2 miles until you see the first od several pits. Follow "Shooting Range" signs to the right.

There are very nice shooting tables at the lower pistol range as well as the rifle range.

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