Seeking advice on Winchester 94 30-30 gunsmithing

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Gunsmithing' started by unklekippy, Feb 29, 2012.

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    I will start with a little history to put this into perspective. My Father died very suddenly on 9/5/08 at the age of 52. I buried him on Friday the 12th of September, one day before my 30th birthday. Dad didn't leave much. Virtually nothing. He was in between jobs and living on my couch, which is were he died in his sleep of heart disease/failure. The point is, that after 3&1/2 years, I tracked down not only Dad's old Winchester 94, but my first gun that was given to me on my 7th birthday by my Father, an Ithaca Model 49 Saddle Gun single shot .22lr. These guns were in the possession of an old family friend. Dad sold them about 20 years ago and fortunately, the gentleman is something of a packrat. The guns were exactly where he put them after buying them so long ago. The Ithaca is exactly as I remember it. It still works and I will leave it as is until attention is needed. The Winchester was taken down and started to be refinished. There is rust on the metal that can be polished out. The stock is halfway sanded, needing complete refinishing. I'm sure that a screw or two are missing as well. The only thing that I love more than my guns is my family. I do not want to mess this up and need someone qualified to reblue, refinish and basically rebuild a Winchester 94. I am asking the fine members of this community to direct me to someone that can do this job. I am looking for a "home gunsmith" that will take care of this firearm, knowing that it is a family piece that will become my Son's and his after him. The fact that I found these after all this time is amazing. I miss my Dad terribly. I want this done properly and am not arrogant enough to take it on myself. Excuse me for the sappy story, but I need to be clear that this is not some pile of parts that I picked up at a garage sale. I can email or text photos, but I am not smart enough to put them on this site. I appreciate this forum and I appreciate any help you guys can give. Thank you, Kip
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