Seeking advice best route to Boise, Idaho

So, I'm moving from basically Tacoma Washington to Boise Idaho this week, the week of 10/14/19.

In another thread I inquired about best hauling of household items. I did end up taking the consensus advice in the prior thread. Instead of buying truck and trailer I did rent a box truck instead. Thanks.

Now, for those experienced drivers, which will be the better route for transit with a full box truck? From Tacoma WA to Boise ID.

I'm thinking 90 is well maintained and used by truckers. That would be 18-90-82-84. And more direct. And mostly in Washington so CCW lawful. But there is a route south to Portland and then East thru Oregon. Question. Is that route more on the WA or OR side of river? For carrying purposes.

Less Mountain passes is ideal... Weather and road closures? Thoughts? Any long haulers here with this route and experience/tips?
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Well it's like a 6 or 7 mile climb up Cabage.
But going east it's not that bad .
Watch the temperature of the truck.
Heavy truck watch out for over heating.
If you where coming west I would say take you time use the low gear and don't ride the brakes.
West bound is where there are a lot of problems.
Yeah, the runaways are all WB. East is pretty easy.
I moved a bunch of stuff I had in storage from San Diego to the Astoria area in August using a 26 foot U-Haul. We were loaded to the brim and just under the max weight. The newer U-Hauls are gasoline and pretty gutless with a load (on any type of extended incline). We averaged 13.5 mpg at average freeway speeds using the cruise control when possible. The truck we had liked to downshift to a lower gear on any type of down slope. I guess that’s U-Hauls way to not replace brake shoes.

It was pretty easy to drive (even the better half took turns). A couple things to remember...

Make your right turns wider than normal..

Almost all bridges are tall enough.. watch out for tree limbs.

Remember to stop at any weigh stations while in Oregon (can’t advise you on Wa or Id).

Safe Travels!
When climbing hills, turn off your AC if you need more power.
If your engine temp starts to climb, turn off the AC and turn on the cab heat to max.
Be sure to set and practice with your mirrors.
Good luck, keep 'er between the lines.
Yeah but, did you pop wheelies?
I'll bet he's wanted to save the crusher the effort and flatten a few rice burners.... :eek:
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Yeah but, did you pop wheelies?
speaking of such, saw 'one of those things' you never see again, on that very route, about 25 years ago.

It was at the Meacham exit, I was headed W after a small snow storm left a few inches on the roadway. Nothing too slick but still 'pay attention' weather. Traffic was moving well, but more slowly than typical.

Stopped at the E bound exit off ramp, was a short bed 1 ton truck with a livestock rack. Literally hanging out the end gate, was the butt end of a horse. There was a bunch of cowboys seeming to be helping push the beastie back up into the rack.

It looked like somehow (during wheelie?) the horse slipped backwards and knocked the rear gate door off the track. It didn't fall thru, but was down on it's rear haunches, with the front all upright inside, but the tail & butt hanging cleanly outside. Squatting position. Don't see that too often.

Be sure your tail gate is secured.:confused:


Meh, I was over Cabbage in each direction yesterday for a doc appt in Pendleton. It's fine. Not much construction going east.

Going up the Pendleton side, just use your gears, turn off the AC as soon as you start up. 25mph is not as slow as it would be to break down!!! If you start overheating, slow down, your getting too much RPM on the engine!

The La Grande side of the Blue Mountains is winding. After you pass Spring Creek exit, there is a long decline towards the next exit at the Ukiah hwy... keep it slow because the curve at the bottom is not fun at 70mph with a full load! Then go slow going thru the curves the rest of the way to La Grande and you won't have any problems. There is rarely black ice this time of the year but you never know.

Tight curves again at between Durkee and Lime. You will see the concrete plant on the right side just before that winding section. Keep speed down to 50mph just like the signs say!!!

Then from there to Ontario it's just hill climbs, one after the other, again and again. Time zone change between Huntington and Ontario.

Drive safe! Have a good trip!!!


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