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    This section provides members and staff a place to discuss questions, problems, ideas, and feedback pertaining to Northwest Firearms. The following prefixed are used to organize and track this information. If you believe a prefix is incorrect please let us know by reporting the thread.

    New Thread Prefixes:
    • Potential Issue - Used for potential technical issues with the website. If the issue is verified and not easily fixed we will move the thread to the NWFA Issue Tracking section.
    • Question - Used for general questions.
    • Feedback - Used for members providing feedback, ideas, and suggestions on new or current features, design, and operation.
    Resolution Prefixes:
    • Answered - The question has been answered.
    • On-Hold - The issue has been put on hold while we wait for more information.
    • Resolved - The issue has been resolved.
    • Implemented - The idea, feedback, or suggestion has been implemented.

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