Points largely toward criminals, illegal firearm procurement and documented mental health issues. Go figure!!

The video they try and force along with the article actually has nothing to do with the article content. Just hard left rhetoric to try and balance out the truth I would imagine.
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But you're missing the part where the secret service  drops something, "Secret service drops report that blows up anti second amendment".
Oh well then, that changes everything! Dropped = new and exciting, look at me! Unless you are talking about dropping a load of course... :p

Btw I saw a Jeff Cooper video the other day. Said something like. "it's stupid to have laws against guns, guns don't do anything. It's the acts that need to be regulated, not the equipment."

The policies of no penalties for criminals, no police, no prisons, etc breeds more and more criminal acts. That is where the focus should be.
I guess my Idea of "blow up" is different. In my window everyone is going "wow!" destroyed stuff everywhere. Things have changed, for better or worse.
I see this like a fleeting fart, that never actually changes things except in the minds of the tax and drain people and their hatred for cows..
Truth, facts, history, or even just plain common sense never impressed or influenced a committed Anti.
For some it's control, others money, but the majority of sheep have been taught to follow the supreme law of the land, "feelings".

Preservation of what's right will only come about with a majority of committed, supported by a reasonable amount of uncommitted, who are open to reason and willing to ponder.

Speaking of Jeff Cooper:
RE : Drop
And since it's Aloha Friday.

Time to be taking music break. mango. BUT, But, but.....of course, it's the over ripe ones that drop on their own.

Aloha, Mark

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