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    I have a lot of these available.. Second Chance Vest. They are not NIJ rated because they were built for German Special Forces, GSG9 rated SK1. NIJ Comparable rating is IIIA+. According to the lady I spoke to at Second Chance, it's rated to stop a .308 (no grain or distance info was provided, and I assume this would be with a metal or ceramic trauma plate).

    The carrier is identical to the Monarch 329, but the ballistic panel is a little better than than the standard 329. Why and how, they would not say.. Just better is all she said.

    The vests were manufactured in late 2003 and have never been worn. They are NEW in the original bulk packaging (plastic bag) with the sizing sticker on them. Second Chance said that if they have been stored properly (which I was told they were in a storage closet, in a commercial building) that they will still be fine, but should be re-cert'd or the panels replaced within 4 years.

    The buyer(s) will receive one complete vest, and additional identical carrier as well as a "deep cover" concealable carrier. I do not have trauma plates, but there is a spot for them on the vests. The whole "bag" of stuff they will get weighs just over 5lbs.. That's a SUPER light vest.. It's a lot thinner than my older IIA as well.

    The panels are the wide wrap around style, so it's got really good side protection..

    Vest looks like this:

    The "deep cover" carrier looks like this:

    I have sizes from SM to XXXL. I am 5'-11" 230lbs and the XL fits me nicely. The XXL is a little big, and the XXXL is huge. Tall and lanky people (6'2"+ and skinny / semi skinny) will need a large.

    If you order a vest, and it doesn't fit, I will gladly exchange it for a different size, you just pay the shipping.

    Felons are NOT permitted, by law, to purchase and/or be in possession of body armor.. Residents of CT, sorry, your out of luck. You have a law that states you can only sell a vest IN PERSON.. So unless you have a buddy who I can ship it to in a neighboring state...bummer.

    And, of course, I make no warranty as to the actual stopping power of the vest, I am only going off of information gained from the MFG, Second Chance.

    Second Chance said that with the armor that's in the vest, it should have retailed (to the German's) for $1800US each.

    $625 OBO shipped in the US.. I'll eat the paypal fees if PP is used and the offer is enough for that to happen..

    Also, I opened another box and found a bunch of these!

    They are in individual Velcro strap carriers that attach to the front (or wherever) of the vest. These alone provide a rating of IIIA as well as the puncture protection.. Combine that with your vest that also provides a similar IIIA rating and you got a very bullet resistant system.

    The panels (without the carrier) retail for $250..

    I'll throw it in the box... for free... when you buy a vest

    I'll be more than happy to meet up with people in the Olympia / Thurston County area.
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    Is this a LOT sale, meaning you are buying the the LOT of vests and get the box of extra velcro on panels? If so, how many vests are in the LOT, and how many velcro on panels in the box?

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