Second Amendment in Crisis........

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    I am a native Oregonian who has lived most of his life in California. Before anyone starts bashing me, I just want to say one thing. What we in this screwed up state have been dealing with for years now threatens all of us as gun owners.
    I have never voted for Feinstein or Boxer. Fienstein is a big hypocrite she had a concealed permit for many years, but does not want the rest of us to have one. This issue of gun control now involves all of us, join the NRA/SAF/GOA. There is a documentary film that will be released soon, put out by Dead Patriot Films, it is called Assaulted it is story of the Second Amendment Civil rights struggle here in California. But it is an issue that affects ALL firearms owners.
    For the ZUMBOs out there who say "who needs AR15 rifles to hunt" I say to you the same folks that would ban your AR15 will say "who needs a Remington 700, Weatherby Vanguard bolt actions". Time for action is now, A2
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