Seattle Police Sue Seattle and the USA

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    While this is carried on Officer.Com - - much of the material is from the Seattle Times, it is not clear to me if the website is simply re-printing the article, or if they based their own on that source.

    "As a result, officers are afraid to do their job for fear of being second-guessed over burdensome, complicated and voluminous policies, the suit says."

    "widespread hostility within the Police Department toward the new use-of-force policies, "

    ""But I will say: the Seattle Police Department is under a federally-mandated court order, in part because of a disturbing pattern of unnecessary use of force and other forms of unconstitutional policing," Murray said."

    This appears to be a summary of the Use of Force policy:

    "The new use-of-force policy, which went into effect Jan. 1, for the first time defined "force" as any physical coercion by an officer in the performance of their duties, and advised when it can be used and how much is appropriate under the circumstances.

    Officers must report all but the most minimal use of force to supervisors, and shall "use only the force necessary to perform their duties" and "with minimal reliance upon the use of physical force."

    "They also are required, if circumstances allow, to attempt to de-escalate tense situations through "advisements, warnings, verbal persuasion, and other tactics" to reduce the need for force.

    When using force is unavoidable, the policy cautions officers to use only the force necessary to make the arrest, and says that their conduct before force was used may be considered by the department in determining whether force was appropriate."

    So, why did the City develop these Use of Force policies?
    Because they were ordered to by the USA.
    Mind you the USA is A-OK with Stop and Frisk. So how bad was it to get them involved?
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    God forbid they try to de-escalate first.
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    IMHO - there are 123 people that need to change thier carreers.
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    .. Perhaps while they're at it those street pirates can stop extorting and kidnapping average everyday hard working tax paying folks who may or may not make minor
    (and I do mean minor) traffic violations.

    Today especially is ridiculous.
    5 vehicles pulled over right in front of me on my way to the office.. And about a dozen shakedown artists stationed at various locations to hit up unassuming folks on their way to work from Hillsboro to Portland.

    LEOs are everywhere today.. Guess they gotta make that quota.

    Scum, everyone of them.
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    Oh the horror...
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    Just like the military, you must die before you can defend yourself. Even then you'll still be a murderer and racist.

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