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    Hi, all. I'm Rick and I live just north of the Seattle city line. I'm active in practical pistol competition, shooting locally almost every weekend, and I try to travel to out-of-town matches at least a couple of times a year. I reload all of my ammo, and do most of my own gunsmithing. Besides shooting, I'm also very interested in the history and development of weaponry, and the individuals and circumstances responsible for it. Besides the gun stuff, I'm also a home brewer, play a little softball, and try to be a good husband and father as time allows. :)
    I'll probably he hanging around the competition forum the most. I'm an IDPA Safety Officer Instructor and USPSA Range Officer, so will try to address questions about rules and equipment, or point people in the right direction.
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    Welcome Rick, we'll get ya some Seattle friends here soon ;)

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