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    Greetings fellow firearm enthusiasts! I stumbled across this site a few months ago while looking for some information about local gun shows and general firearm related questions, and I have been lurking ever since.

    I currently own a SIG PRO 2340 .40 cal and a Colt .223 AR-15 (which i don't get to shoot nearly enough). Within the past year or so I have become an active CC citizen and have both my WA and UT CPL's. Hopefully in the next few months I will be able to track down the next handgun for my arsenal. I'm trying to track down a Glock 26 3rd gen in an OD frame, and it's a real bugger to try and locate one.

    Anyways, figured I would stop on by and register and say hello. This board is a valuable resource and I appreciate the thriving community I've been following here. :thumbup:

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