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    I know a lot of you are into training and that type of thing. A few years ago, I volenteered for the Multhnomaha County Sheriffs S.A.R. Team. I got some really good training, for FREE. I hear every county, atleast in OR, must have a SAR program, and most are Volenteer. It takes some of your time, we had meetings every Wed night and Outings for training one weekend per month. Your first year you are not certified, you do the traning, and at the end you take your Cert. Test. They teach you everything from Servival, First aid, CPR, Climbing, Repelling, to. Crime scene searches. We searched a few Murder scenes for Evedence, even found the body once. You supply most of your own gear, boots, pack, trail food, all that stuff. It is really good training! Plus you can help people! Just thought ide let you guys know. There are a few idiots you have to deal with, some of the advisors think they are The S**t cause they have a bubblegum that said MCSO and sometimes got to drive a truck with blue lights on it that said Sheriff on the side. Anyway, its a pretty good deal.
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    What is the best way to go about joining a SAR program and is there any qualifications that may help or hurt?
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    Yeah. If you're old, ugly, crippled and stupid they don't want you.

    Wanna know how I found that out? :D :D :D :D
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    Usually they have a signup date I think mine was in the fall. Its once a year. You just get a backround check, which they pay for. They love EMTs joining. If you are too weak for it, you will quit! Out of about 100 that signed up. Maybe ten got certified. You have to hike a lot! We had to carry a 350lb man up Larch mt in a litter! Then back down! With our 3day packs on too! In the snow! The weak don't make it!
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    Old and probably outdated...

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    Yamhill County SAR also provides a two-day survival training course. They have instructors and in the past have also had Air Force survival instructors, the formerly PDX based USAF SAR with a PaveHawk demonstrate.

    A big component of any SAR effort is communications and some folks just do that end of it, learning about radios and how to communicate with search teams and the Sheriff's office.

    I was rescued by the SAR team around Mt Hood a couple of years ago (not the mountain rescue team, the sheriff's team). They came in with 60 lb packs, carry everything they need for getting in an out themselves, tons of lights for when they are on the scene, lots of extra water, first-aid gear, plus a litter to carry out victims if need be. Others though stayed at the vans and trucks manning the radios, etc. All volunteers and good folks.
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    I actually did a Explorer group for SAR when I was in middle school. I did it for 2 years and was certified in SAR when I was 12.
    I feel completely comfortable in the woods and I haven't done anything with that in over 15 years.
    It's definetly a great way to get some necessary skills.
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    I've looked at joining -- actually I am using their gear list as a guide for a get home bag/BOB....

    They have a firearms policy:
    For me, use of firearm in a SAR situation would be most likely animal which, IMHO, DOES fall under the scope of the PNWSAR.
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    I am hooking up with the local Douglas County SAR program. good group sold guns to members, and they twisted my arm into it....

    but yea all they want is people with time, able bodies and or equipment like the equine and 4X4 divisions. like anything anymore they are hurting for volunteers.

    good training, good caring people... its a good thing. Plus you are there to save lives.
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    The best way to get started is to contact your county sheriff. They are the ones who set up the training & exams.

    As far as abilities, some of the things that they need are Ham radio operators, medical (First Responder, EMT, etc.), climbers, equestrians, 4-wheelers, etc.

    For Benton County, after passing the training, people can then get involved with a number of SAR teams depending on their interests and/or abilities. There is a Mounted Posse group for the horse people, Marys Peak SAR for the general SAR types (used to be mostly a 4-wheeler group), Benton County Amateur Radio for HAM/coms types, Trackers for those interested in mantracking, and Corvallis Mountain Rescue for the climber types. We also used to have a search dog team but they disbanded a few years ago.
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    Wanted to bump this old thread as I'm interested in getting involved.
    Anyone here active in PNWSAR or MCSOSAR?
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    Looking into Mountain Wave SAR at this time. Did 12 years with Volunteer Fire in the past. I hike and climb anyways and have a Ham license so...
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