Seal team six executed

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by U201491, Jan 3, 2014.

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    Treason, again.
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    Since Osama Bin Laden is likely in Malaysia golfing right now, the truth of who was used as his CIA double had to be suppressed
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    I have to say a couple of the fake Bin Ladens were pretty hilarious. Rubber noses, gold jewelry lol.

    The one in the VHS tape that claimed responsibility for 9/11 was the best. A tape that was just found 'laying on the street'.

    Kind of like Atta's drivers license was found lying on the street at 9/11 picked up off the sidewalk by an FBI agent! LOL Yeah, right! Burning, contained fireball plane and somehow Atta's license floated out of the plane 80 stories to the ground in perfect shape for a camera op. Just sad.

    The real OBL denied he had anything to do with 9/11 shortly thereafter and he was never heard from again.

    Since he was in a Dubai hospital in July of 2001 suffering from kidney failure he probably conveniently died shortly thereafter. A dead boogie man is the best boogie man. Then you script whatever you want.

    We needed a poster boy for 'the war on terror' and they manufactured a good one. Funny that it is thirteen years later and there are those that still deny that whole fraud. No morons, a man living in a cave (LOL) did not get Norad to stand down.

    Social proofing and peer pressure at its finest.

    Even the guy that supposedly shot BL said he wasn't sure it was even him - hint, it wasn't - he was dead long ago.
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    If this ever really breaks, I mean if the truth is that the administration and DOD set Team 6 up, there will be a massive reaction from the military and Veterans and Veterans families. This, if revealed, will not stand!! I've never really seen any definitive evidence to support the claims that the Chinook was targeted and that the Administration, Pentagon or The Command in Iraq knew or had anything to do with it.

    Biden is more interested in furthering his career within the DNC than the safety of our military. Not the first time his big mouth has gotten him into trouble.
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    I do not trust any government agency, there is corruption and deception around every corner.

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