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SD revolver for woman and hammer type

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by CarlMc, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. CarlMc

    CarlMc Safely north of Seattle Active Member

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    So I had gotten my wife a very nice 6" S&W 686 for Christmas, and she was tickled pink. It's part of a long term plan to get her to see the value in being able to defend herself, with the eventual goal of her carrying. It's working, but it's a slow process and I have to work within her "fickle" boundries. I sort of boxed myself in to some degree, getting a beautiful stainless S&W revolver, when in the end I hope she'll carry something suited for self defense, where function is more important than beauty.

    We had been having some discussion recently about getting her something that's more portable than the monster that stays in the safe except when we go to the range. She likes guns with the "spinny thing" and I knew there would be small issues when I began this little plan, and one thing I've begun to consider is the snag problem that the hammer presents. She likes to be able to shoot single action as well, so her next revolver needs to be SA/DA, but there's not much in the way of choices for revolvers that have a shrouded hammer. They're just friggin ugly, and I don't see her feeling any different when I go to pick something out that meets her "requirements."

    I know better than to try and override the whims of a woman that I've spent well over 20 years of my life with, so if I don't make much sense when I defend the choices, keep in mind they're not necesarily my own reasons. This isn't going to be the last gun I get for her, but it's one more step along the way. I hope to avoid having to make a lot of expensive purchases in my "training plan," so each purchase needs to accomodate as much of my own ulterior motives (she knows what I'm trying to do, just not all the details) as well as her wishes.

    Any suggestions for a revolver? Being a S&W will be a plus, in her eyes anyway (just not my wallet.)
  2. HollisOR

    HollisOR Rural OR, South of Dallas Active Member

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    Lady Smith, Pink Lady, Smith makes several small frame wheel guns. Let her pick it out. Wheel guns for Wheel people. Ultra lights are great for carry, but will generally have more felt recoil. So that depends on the person. My daughter is small, 5' 1" 95 pounds and she has no problems with any of mine. Depends on person. I know some guys that would be intimidated with some things that I have. Opps only thing she has not shot of mine is .454 Casull. She shot my Desert Eagle .50.
  3. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy between springfield and shelbyville Well-Known Member

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    This is my carry revolver.
    That is rarely but sometimes replaced with my python.

    All of my carry weapons with the exception of my glock 26 have exposed hammers, and I prefer it this way.

    I read this awhile ago and thought it was a pretty good rundown.

  4. Trinity Arms

    Trinity Arms Newberg, Oregon, United States New Member

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    I have worked on many revolvers in my shop and it seems to be one of my favorite things. It doesn't help I have been shooting them forever. Since it sounds like your wife loves Smith & Wesson i would stick with what she loves. The Taurus revolvers are of equal quality. I have seen some train wrecks from Smith & Wesson and all the others so I am not particular. She may or may not enjoy the light weights. My wife loves and shoots hers enough to be competent, but long sessions just don't work. The biggest item to consider is the trigger. Smith & Wesson has been running horrible triggers lately on models with shrouded hammers. Most going 18lbs. I would encourage you to have her give the trigger a try, or just bet on having trigger work done. The exposed hammer variants have been more consistent. I would put the Ruger on the back of the list because she would have to learn a different latch system.
  5. jordanvraptor

    jordanvraptor Oregon City, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Have you considered the Smith and Wesson 638? Shrouded hammer than can still be cocked for single action. Trigger pull can be improved a lot with Wolff springs. I put them in all my S&W revolvers. Just doing the mainspring helps a bit but you need to replace the trigger return spring to get the best results.


    You could also choose the Model 649 which is stainless steel for a bit more weight and .357 magnum sturdiness... :)

  6. madcratebuilder

    madcratebuilder Ardenwald, OR Well-Known Member

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    If this is going to be a conceal carry revolver i would go with DA only. A 640 S&W or alloy variant of it. The 640 is not super light and has very manageable recoil when loading with .38spl.

    S&W M640 with CT grips

    If SA/DA is the only choice look for a cut down hammer spur. This Bulldog in .44spl can be loaded down to be very light recoil, you don't need 900fps with a bullet this big. It's not much larger than the Smith 640.
  7. sheepman

    sheepman Las Vegas NV Member

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    Do not pick out a gun for her (been there done that, it don't work), Let her pick out her own. If possible go to a range where they rent guns and let her try as many as possible of the ones she likes. While a revolver is a good choice, if she wants a semi auto then she will not be happy with the revolver.
  8. buick455

    buick455 se portland Member

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    I think my ladys next gun will be a charter arms .327 its a six round snubby and will have a similar kick to the 4" .357 she uses at the range plus I think you can use any of 4 types of ammo for practice

    I might get the heavier Ruger sp101 .327 if I can find one
  9. CarlMc

    CarlMc Safely north of Seattle Active Member

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    I had posted a response earlier. Must have fallen into the ether..
    Great responses all, I really appreciate it.
    The heavy trigger for Smith's shrouded hammer models is great to know. In my neck of the woods there aren't too many gunsmiths and while I'm capable of doing some gunsmithing, I'm avoiding it for now, and would like to get something out of the box that will work for her.
    She preferred a Ruger GP100 at the range when I first took her there, so I took a leap and ordered the Smith later, once she knew what she wanted. We'll have to make longer trips to more distant ranges to check out what they have. She's also finicky about the Hogue grips; she likes the black on stainless, and I like the recoil reduction, since she's got issues with her wrists.