Scored a "97" finally

Discussion in 'Shotgun Discussion' started by ditchtiger, Oct 25, 2015.

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    Had a previous post on a 97 but the deal went south, got a bottle of Crown Royal as an apology though. If anyone asks I'll tell the story.

    Bought a Winchester model 1897 yesterday. This is one that can be slam fired! And a take down model also. Has an external hammer, what can be done is hold down the trigger and when a new round is pumped into the chamber it will fire automatically as the hammer follows the bolt. Found it in Cabela's for $400. Had trigger lock on it in the rack so took it back to their office to remove it. Pulled the trigger and saw the hammer drop when pumped and I said "I'll take it" Finish is worn but it locks up tight with no slop. Bore is mirror smooth, screws are not buggered, internal parts are sharp and clean. I do not think this was shot much. Serial no. makes it a 1927 product.
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    You need the magazine conversion kit that allows you to load 6 shells in the magazine tube.
    This gun originally was made for 2 1/2" shells and the conversion kit allows you to load that sixth shell.
    Here's a link if you're interested.
    Beware slam firing it from the hip, as it's quite the hand full when using 00 buck ammo.
    I made my 97' into a repro of a WW l trench gun using the heat shield from Numrich Gun Parts and cutting down the barrel to 20-1/2"

    win pump 12 001.JPG
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    Nice! I've got a couple of '97s. A 16 gauge (top), and 12 gauge (bottom). 101.JPG
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    My dad has a nice 97. Its his favorite coon gun. When I was a kid, he would have me run it out to him when he'd get home from work and catch them in the garbage. Hed chase em up a tree and then get as many as he could.
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