Scopes, Mags, other Misc. Stuff - Wanting Glock Parts, Cash, or ??

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    K fellas, trying to consolidate as we're going to be moving cross-country in the near future. I prefer to sell the stuff, but I have a few things I need listed at the bottom.

    Pics are coming slowly at the hand of demon-technology, but I'll put up what I have thus far. If you want a pic of something specific quickly, PM me and I'll bump that item to the top of the priority list.

    Prefer FTF in Central Oregon, but will ship on buyer's dime, or work something fair out if it's a swap of some type. Thanks!

    All prices listed are SQUISHY. (opposite of FIRM, because writing FIRM in CAPS, comes across as RUDE sometimes) :)

    The Goods:

    Tasco Worldclass 3x9x40mm Scope (black), normal .22 plinking rifle-type wear. Clear glass. $40

    Vintage Redfield 3x9 Rifle Scope (model unknown) Excellent clarity. $100

    PineRidge (cabela's) 6x18x40mm Water/Fog/Shockproof w/ box and multiple caliber turrets $140

    Nikon RifleHunter 550 Laser Rangefinder W/F/S proof, w/ nylon carry case, perfect shape $150

    Browning A-Bolt 7mm Remington Magnum Barrel; had some pitting on the exterior and had plans to re-blue it, but only got as far as sanding it down to bare stainless. Rifling, crown, and interior looks to be unaffected and in great shape. $150

    Remington 1100 Receiver & Mag Tube; another re-bluing project I have to abandon, receiver is stripped, mag tube...not so much. No Bolt. Will nickel-plate exterior for the right person. As-is $100

    Ruger Single Six Cylinder (I think...), blue; another re-bluing dealio. Has one area of pitting on exterior, all chambers clear and clean. Don't know the history or anything else about it. Will strip and nickel plate for the right buyer. As-is, $20 ***SPF***

    Hogue Grip for AK-47 $10

    Two Brand new, black polymer 30rd Wilson AK-47 Mags, USA made, baby. $15/each

    Various knives of various quality (no benchmades or ka-bar, sorry) see album

    RCBS Carbide .44mag dies

    Hornady .243 Varmint Bullets (qty 75) NOT factory ammo, just components $20

    Rotel RCD-1055 Black HDCD 5-disc Changer. Best sounding CD changer I've heard. $100

    Hamm's Bar Mirror, VG+, very collectible, and totally badassicle $60


    More to come as the days dwindle. I'll be uploading the pics to the photobucket album linked, and removing items as they sell. I don't have enough space for attachments on my account here, sorry.

    I'm looking for AR upper/lowers, Glock 26/27 parts (ESPECIALLY A 9MM BARREL), or handguns of any type.

    Thanks for looking!
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