Scope Rings for 10/22

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by KTM530XCW, Jun 13, 2010.

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    Picked up a Ruger 10/22 yesterday, and have a BSA Sweet 22 3x9 40mm scope on the way. Can anyone recommend what type of rings I should use with this setup? I installed the dove-tail base that came with the Ruger.

    As for quality, I want to keep away from junk.

    While browsing, I've seen that rings come in various height. Not sure what height is optimal for this setup.
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    avoid the lowest profile rings.

    I have a 4x32 Nikon prostaff on mine, and the 32mm optic just barely gets far enough forward for the eye relief I like using "low profile" Burris rings..

    I'm using Burrings rings with the stock weaver/hybrid base. I would recommend adding some loctite (blue #242) to threads on both the base/receiver screws and the scope screws as well. Mine came loose after several hundred rounds.

    My motivation for keeping the scope low was primarily to make it easier to pack and handle. I figured while slung over my should less chance of smacking a tree or something.

    Since you've opted to "go big" on your 10/22 scope size, you might even consider those peep thru style rings that let you also use the factory iron sights.

    Here's a cheapo example:

    Maybe a gimmick, but Burris rings are great quality, but spendy :(
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    Burris Zee rings work great and aren't a fortune. You want to keep the scope at a height that gives you the proper cheek weld.

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