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Scope question for .17 HMR

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by chickenfarmer, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. chickenfarmer

    chickenfarmer dayton, or Member

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    Recently purchased a Savage .17HMR and am now trying to decide on a scope for it. Most of my shooting would be about 50 yards at night shooting skunks. But would like to have ability for other options in the daytimes like coyote or ground squirel?s. What are you guys using?
  2. numbnutz

    numbnutz molalla Active Member

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    A lot of people seem to favor the BSA sweet .17. I personally have a 2-7 power redfield on mine and it's not quite enough magnification for how far the 17 will reach. Whatever you decide on buy something with a bit quality behind it.
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  3. Creeper

    Creeper Ravensdale, WA. Member

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    Numbnutz is right. A "bit of quality" should be sufficient... if you have a larger budget and like high quality glass, then ignore what I've written below.

    With a .17, you don't actually have to spend a lot of money. In fact, you can get a "good" scope for that application, in a 4-12X variable, which is a good range for the .17s ballistic capabilities, for less than $250. Here's a link to scopes that would be suitable for your needs. Nothing high quality, but OK to good quality.
    Here's a hint. The more "features" a scope has within a given price range, the less money is put into the quality of the glass, so if it were me, I'd lean towards the Redfield and Leupold. ;)
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  4. Otter

    Otter Oregon Active Member

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    My .17 HMR has a 4.5-14X Sightron scope without an adjustable objective that I paid about $300 for. For small targets like ground squirrels, I like the 14x power for those shots out to 100-150 yards. I like a scope without an adjustable objective because ground squirrels can pop up at 25 feet while you are shooting out beyond 100 yards. If your scope is dialed in for 100 yards the squirrel at 25 feet will just be a blurr, and he may not wait while you adjust the scope. I know, not very sporting killing them at 25 feet, but man, do they explode at that range with a .17!
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  5. 2ndtimer

    2ndtimer SE Washington state Active Member

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    I have an Intensity 6.5-20X on my .17HMR. Works really well for ground squirrels as far as you want to shoot the .17HMR. (out to 150 yards or more on a calm day). It has an adjustable objective and can be dialed in pretty clearly. I rarely go over 16X since mirage becomes a factor on the warm days that the varmints are out. The Intensity scope is pretty comparable to the old Simmons 44 Mag scopes, and are actually pretty decent for the price. I managed to pick up a couple of them for $89 each on closeout at Natchez Shooters Supply a couple years ago. They have served well on a .223 Rem, a .243 Win. and are now on my Savage 93R17 TR, and a custom 10/22 heavy barrel.
  6. HahnsXD

    HahnsXD Battle Ground WA Active Member

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    I have a Mueller APT on mine. Very nice for the money, hard find a bad comment from anyone about them.
  7. Boedy

    Boedy Sublimity, Oregon, United States Active Member

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  8. captqc

    captqc Tigard Silver Supporter Silver Supporter

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    Leupold makes a 2x7 Rimfire scope that I used on my 17's and 22LR's.
  9. Dyjital

    Dyjital Albany, Ore Flavorite Member Bronze Supporter

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    I have a sweet-17 on current, had one on previous and it's worked just fine.

    I dialed it in once and since the HMR is such a massive recoil gun it never lost it's zero.

    Knocking down .22 casings at 75 yards. Could do the same from 50-150 *without wind*.

    I don't like holdover and brain calculations so that's why I went with a scope that's calibrated for the round I shoot.
  10. Liberty97045

    Liberty97045 Oregon City Well-Known Member

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    I went with a Tasco 6x24x44mm fully coated optics for around $150.

    Tasco 6-24x44 Target / Varmint Riflescope Rifle scope FREE S&H TG624X44DS. Tasco Rifle Scopes.

    I know Tasco has a rep for mediocre scopes but this is the high end of their line and is a good scope for the money. The only problem I had was that the matte finish turned soft and gooey when I used some kind of solvent or lube that it didn't like. I will be giving it the redneck camo treatment. Still think it is a good scope for the money.

    I have found the 17 to be a precision rifle with "entertaining" terminal effect. Got this girl a week ago Sunday from 140-150 yards right between the ears. Mostly I use 6 power for hunting but it is nice to be able to crank it up for bulls eyeing "chipmunk sized targets" at 100 yards which is doable.

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