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    *Leupold two-piece bases for Browning A-Bolt. Leupold item #50030, matte finish, torx head screws, package says STD A-Bolt LR. New packages at $15 each and one opened set for $10.

    *Leupold one-piece bases for Browning BAR. Item #49985, matte, package says STD BR Auto Rifle, torx head screws. New packages at $15 each and one opened base at $10. I also have a set of quick-detachable Leupold 1” rings and one-piece base for this rifle in standard blue, $40.

    *Leupold stainless, matte, two-piece bases, torx screws, Winchester M70. Two opened sets at $15 each.

    *Burris one-piece gloss black base for Marlin Lever actions. New, package reads SU- 336 MARLIN LEVER 410216. $15

    *Ruger 1” extended medium offset ring mounts (pair), blued, factory item #90276 (old stock #S100RM00), fits No. 1, No. 3, 77/22, 77/50, 77/44, Gov Comp pistol, and Ruger carbine. Opened, but never mounted, torx head screws at $40 a set.

    *CZ factory scope rings, package says ZKK 602/CA 550, CZRING550, matte finish, brand-new in package at $25.

    *Taurus Custom Scope Mount, Model CUS 10-026 for M608 / 44 6.5” BLUE for $40, new in package.

    *Smith and Wesson M29 original one-piece scope base with S&W logo 1” rings, gloss blued, allen head ring screws, no base mounting screws, 95% condition, $40.

    *Leupold one-piece base, Remington 700 Long Action, with 1” rings, matte, torx head, like new – no package at $30.

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