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Are you talking about the allen head screws that tighten the upper half of the rings to the base?
Start another thread...mebbe you'll find 'em.
I usually find mine under the tool cabinet, when in the shop, or with the vacuum cleaner in the living room. Just vacuum 'till it gets found 'em.
Seriously, though...
They could be metric or SAE thread, depending on the ring mfg. Wal-mart has rings for ~$8. Midway has rings up to $100. You could burn $15 of fuel driving to different gunsmiths and/or Parkrose Hardware, or you could just get a new set of rings.

Try Bimart or gun shops as they usually have extras from mounting scopes.
Bimart here has a toolbox behind the counter they can usually find extras in. I would take one for an example of thread size and overall length. If you were closer I would give you one as I have aquired many over the years.

Dont feel bad for losing or damaging one most everyone has at one time or another.
I've had good experiences with "Guncrafters" off McGilcrest st in Salem, they got me all 8 new torx (star) screws for my M77 scope mounts for around $10, It was worth it after wasting alot of time and gas money shopping around at hardware stores for the right thread pitch.
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