The scenario where my daughter is a confirmed death.

In that case, I have little reason to carry on - depending on the cause of death, I would probably just do nothing extra to survive if at all. If someone is to blame for her death (negligence, malicious, etc.), then I would probably seek extreme retribution without regard to my own survival or consequences, if at all possible.

If she is missing/etc., I would do whatever I could to search & rescue, if possible - but I could think of a lot of scenarios where she would be missing and there is nothing I could do.
Sounds a lot like me albeit with "girlfriend" in place of "daughter." Bonus point in that without regular iron infusions and other modern medicine her life expectancy gets very short... :(


That pre-cvm sometimes has sperm in it and sometimes can get a woman pregnant is fact AFAIK. It usually doesn't get the woman pregnant unless the guy fails to withdraw before ejaculation. Possibly because it usually takes more human sperm and semen than that to achieve a pregnancy. The point is withdrawal is not to be counted on.
Amen , sister.

All my kids were surprises.
I don't don't really think much 'bout this stuff.

Some things I can control I do what I can with what I have , as best fits the situation that I am in.
Other things I can not I don't see the use in over worrying / wondering about those what ifs...

THIS! Thank you.

Plus I don't really give a rat's @@@ any longer about some things in life that I can't CONTROL and I never could control. Politics for one. (Other things too.) People want their ears tickled and they will follow any dang dirt bag in ANY political party. That is a fact of life!

Control my future if the poop hits the fan big time?!

I leave that in my Maker's hands!

I try and WILL TRY to do my part but when it comes to LIFE - IT IS WHAT IT IS when it comes to LIFE, survival, illness, death and a thing called HOPE and the future.

Your future and your family if you have one. This nation's future, etc.

Worrying and dwelling on some things in LIFE 24/7 only makes you crazy or get an ulcer!

PLUS I have seen/heard/read some pretty strange things where people go so OVERBOARD (To each their own!) that it is really a SAD THING to witness.

Plus I have seen where disasters happened and even the normal to BIG TIME preppers LOST IT ALL - years worth of goods, money spent, home, equipment, extra vehicles, all kinds of supplies from a to z, etc.

I was always prepared for YEAR ROUND weather related and manmade incidents but I was NOT or ever a 'prepper' like some people are really INTO. That is THEIR THING and my thing is MY thing. (I was raised by 1909 and 1920 born Depression era parents and other mentors.)

You do what you can do with what you have if you are alone or a couple or in a group of people.

I am NOT afraid of death. I have never been afraid of death but I do KNOW people who fear it.

As far as natural disasters go... FIRE and being cautious about fire conditions does concern me.

An UNCOMFORTABLE and extremely UNHEALTHY SITUATION FOR ME and other people is breathing in ALL OF THAT TOXIC SALAMI AIR (Pollution!) no matter how GREAT YOUR HOME SYSTEM IS or if you wear a mask due to the pollution - forest fire smoke.

People that I personally KNOW including born/raised and LONG TIME RESIDENTS in several western states actually HATE LIVING HERE most of the year due to the the forest fire smoke and pollution for MONTHS ON END. Throw in those polluted mountain valley inversions... ugh.

Personally, I do believe that some so called 'preppers' who may NOT believe in a higher power and even some who DO believe in one - some of them go so OVERBOARD that it is mentally UNHEALTHY - it makes them SICK in the head with worry and concern or they are always WAITING FOR THE NEXT SCENERIO IN LIFE - that they NEVER ENJOY LIFE OR EVEN HAVE HEALTHY - HAPPY RELATIONSHIPS even with a few people.

My OWN circle is small (MY choice and decision.) and I am not into BIG social scenes.

I actually prefer a small group of friends AND my own company (I do not get lonely.) but if ALL I LIVED FOR WAS stocking up or looking at my financial figures non stop - well that IS KIND OF A SAD LIFE TO ME.

I live within my means - I always did. I enjoy what I have and I do NOT want for some thing in life. STUFF does not bring you happiness. You can enjoy your stuff, LOVE using it, looking at it, sharing it with friends but happiness does not come from a THING or your STUFF.

I look for happiness and the LITTLE THINGS in life. Life is too short.

I sure as heck do NOT WANT TO LIVE in some chapter or scene from "THE ROAD"!

BOOK OR MOVIE and I would rather DIE than live through that kind of crapola.

I find that SOME PEOPLE except for a specific group of 'some religious people' who do NOT have any belief system seem to WORRY A LOT about such things in life.

I am not talking about not having common sense or using your brain when it comes to being prepared or in any other thing in life when I say this.

I just think that SOME PEOPLE almost make all of THEIR PREPPING into some kind of religion like they do with their political leaders when they worship them like cult followers or whatever.

Seriously, some people's religion IS prepping and they always think that their happiness comes from their STUFF or their next home or their next state or their next country or NEXT WHATEVER.

So my answer would be FIRE and fire related crapola. Even with good insurance... fire would be it but LIVING and BREATHING in this fire prone area with NON STOP months on end smoke is just about killing me. My born and raised MT husband said that he remembers some bad fire seasons growing up but NOTHING LIKE WHAT HE HAS SEEN and lived through for the LAST 20 PLUS YEARS!

Blizzards, hurricanes, high winds, tornadoes, a few earthquakes - a few out here and one back east, ice storms, snow drifts, LONG, longer and more often power outages, being stranded and could not make it HOME, evacuated for a hurricane as a Nam era bride, illnesses and deaths, etc. - BEEN THERE - DONE THAT!

Fire? Yes, it would be FIRE.

Last Edited:
That tipping point in society where it functions just enough to have the law be able to get you if you are a property owner, but not enough to actually do anything to protect you as a property owner from those who casually break the law and endanger you/your family.

If the situation arose where I was summoned to determine my future fate based on a judge/jury reviewing a situation that they perceived my actions defending myself/family as “excessive” and as a result, would attempt to incarcerate me for a period of time. That is a scenario that is a quandary - because if you perceive you can not get a just verdict, why comply at all with the justice system. The implications of that leave little room except for violence against those that would attempt to enforce such and a life as an outlaw - or capitulation.
There is or was a WA STATE MAN who came from an EXTREMELY WEALTHY FAMILY who lived in Montana that I have written about and spoken about a lot.

(I think that he was biased against from the GITGO too. He was half Asian and half English (?) with his AMERICAN background too. HE WAS BIASED in being a GUN OWNER WHO DEFENDED HIS HOME AND FAMILY too!)

HE IS IN JAIL for 'murder' for defending his home, his baby and his partner/wife. FORTY OR MORE YEARS or LIFE.

TOO much to say but he GOT SCREWED EVERY WHICH WAY and it was so political!


YOU are basically EFFED IF THE LIBERAL and even some so called BIG MOUTHS in the so called conservative PRO GUN (LOL!?!) WORLD go on and on when they were NOT EVEN THERE and with MANY PRIOR COMPLAINTS and even HOA WARNINGS about thefts, break ins into houses, garages - attached or not or how the home was designed, car/truck break ins, sheds, etc.

So don't count on a RED STATE or a BLUE STATE to help your @@@ in many self defense cases even OUT WEST where some people THINK that the LAW would be on THEIR SIDE while it gets VERY POLITICAL AND EMOTIONAL FOR CLUELESS USEFUL IDIOTS (Republican AND Democrat IDIOTS!) on juries and LIBERAL JUDGES INCLUDING ANTI GUN LIFE LONG RESIDENTS AND ANTI GUN 'TRANSPLANTS'.

The MT Supreme Court has DENIED another trial in another city and county too.

The TRIAL SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN HELD in this college town.

They made the home defender out to be a criminal and the CRIMINAL THIEF AND CRIMINAL WHO ENTERED the attached garage was made into a SAINT.

The OTHER CRIMINAL WAS SENT BACK to his country. Another exchange student like the one who got shot. The one who got shot - OMG too much to say.


Meanwhile THE FREAKING MT GOVERNOR, other MONTANA politicians - NO S!, AND some Montanans WORSHIPPED THE CRIMINAL and made it into a Muslim HS 18 or 19 year old exchange student thing - Germany thing - German citizen formerly from Turkey who got shot by this EVIL MAN around midnight or in the dark of night while the CRIMINAL entered INTO HIS ATTACHED GARAGE.

The home defender did NOT know if the CRIMINAL was from another country or not but the R/D IDIOTS said that, "We do not do things like that here in Montana, bla and bla." What the eff?!

Back in my former eastern state - it would have been a CLEAR CUT CASE OF SELF DEFENSE, TRESPASSING INTO AN ATTACHED GARAGE, in fear of losing their life, their baby and partner/wife, etc.

THE MT wife/partner whose husband shot the criminal CALLED THE POLICE immediately BUT THE POLICE OUT HERE HAD LET A LOT OF S! GO ON in that fancy area of homes, etc.

Heck the HOA was sending out WARNING LETTERS! A RE lady that I know well LIVED UP THERE in a fancy/dancy BIG HOUSE.

NO way, would this have happened back where I lived in another state and I could NOT believe that this TAINTED TRIAL and everything else that happened did happen to this day. MOST NORMAL MT PEOPLE CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED TO THE HOMEOWNER TO THIS DAY. GUN FOLKS AND NON GUN FOLKS.

Any of the homes of my parents, siblings etc having to endure a home invasion. Nobody is armed, I can't prepare them for it against their will and it makes me sick to think the females might be raped and killed. One is only 3. That's my "stopped dead" scenario.
I mean NO offense to you but that is their choice. Free will.

You can't FIX STUPID or people who are ANTI GUN but maybe they could use another TOOL for self defense.

I HAVE MET WOMEN, one specific one in my own home, who told me point blank that they would NOT SHOOT A RAPIST OR A POTENTIAL MURDERER too. And she was NO PACIFIST or Quaker type.

I wrote about this here and elsewhere.

It happened in my living room back east with other witnesses present INCLUDING HER OWN HUSBAND. NO s!

Not the event itself, but my location.

We'll be in Alaska for a long weekend here soon. If any of the cliche big events were to go down, I'm on par with the homeless.
No network, no local friends, no shelter (that I own) , minimal gear, limited knowledge of the area. I'd be half a country away from my base of operations. Maui's even more pronounced of an example. Everything above, but on an island.
The wife hints about Mexico often enough. My answer is " last time I went to Tijuana was 1990".
Have a great trip!

it’s amazing how many of us will likely die abruptly if modernity takes a backseat while the past comes for an encore.
THIS is true.

My husband takes SEVERAL Rx meds and he was discovered to be a diabetic late in life. He has extra Rx meds on hand.

He is on a breathing machine too. I only had to see him 1 time without USING the breathing machine (One older inverter died while we were ON A TRIP and way out in the boonies.) and it was SERIOUSLY BAD and tons more. I could NOT believe him and his condition IF I had NOT SEEN IT UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL too!

We have a generator and he has an inverter. (I think that is the proper word but I am not positive now. It hooks up to a spare heavy duty battery!) We used the inverter (?) while camping since we go WAY OFF THE BEATEN PATH and you do not see some people for days on end.

So what you said is true about modern devices and so forth.

Even with potable water and various filters - water would be a HUGE issue if you add up all of the people who NEED IT TO SURVIVE.

Last Edited:
Pre-cvm has sperm in it. Even a "successful" withdrawal can leave the female pregnant.
Billings Method.

Until the Whohoo Flu I traveled frequently around the country.
Same. If I was there more than a week, I'd buy a bicycle at a local thrift shop and ride all week. Donate back when I left.

Burt Gummer

Was watching an old Jerry Seinfeld standup where he claimed the #1 fear is public speaking. #2 is dying hahaha.
A great episode, been watching some on NF when I have the time.

Never been afraid of death. Being an invalid, yes. That is why many have been instructed to bring me a way to end it.
Don't suffer from self-importance or any delusions, so toss me in a dumpster somewhere, don't care.

Sorry but no one will speak your name in 50 years. We are vain little weakling creatures. Or as I like to say gene-spliced Neanderthals shouldn't take ourselves so seriously. Down with fear, Up with LIVING our very short lives while we can.

That might be why when I see so many acting so fearful over nothing I find it nauseating. As my bumper sticker says 'The Real P******* is how gullible everyone is."

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