SCCY CPX-2 Review/Range Report

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    So in my quest to find a new concealed carry, I finally picked up what I think will work best for my budget and needs. I'm a lefty on a tight budget who needed something that I could carry in the summer that wouldn't print and I could carry in the front. I initially wanted a .40 S&W, but after performing a bunch of research I decided that 9mm would work for me (I don't want to start a caliber debate so please don't go there, we all have our reasons for what we shoot).

    I initially looked at pretty much everything I could find from the Ruger LC-9, XD-S, S&W Sheild, Kahr CW 9/40, Walther PPS, and even the Kel-Tec PF-9. Thanks to everyone, I realized that the PF-9 wouldn't work because of reliability and shoot-ability and I also figured out that the LC-9 and the Shield wouldn't work because lefties can't really manage a right handed safety very well. I was a little tempted by the Kahr, but dismissed it due to the break in period and the reliability issues that I have read about. I dismissed the XD-S because I wasn't really interested in shooting .45 ACP and it's pretty expensive. I actually decided on the Walther PPS, but I couldn't find a used one for the price I could afford and was saving up for it. Then, I was on and found this article about the SCCY pistols.

    I had not heard about SCCY (apparently pronounced "Sky") before but it sounded like something I wanted. 3.1" barrel, 1" wide and the CPX-2 did not have a right handed safety. Best of all, it had a 10 +1 capacity with two magazines. I found some great reviews about the 2nd generation pistols. Best of all, they are priced about the same as a Kel-Tec PF-9. I found one in the Black Carbon (Melonite) finish for $229 at a local shop and picked it up (I will have to post that experience on another thread but I don't recommend Grigg's in Pasco, WA).

    I took the pistol to the range that night and must say that I'm impressed. I didn't do anything to the pistol and put 50 rounds of Federal through it (I was really tired and almost didn't go). First of all, I had 0 issues firing it. Every time I pulled the trigger, the round went down range. No feeding issues to speak of. I started off shooting 20 rounds at five yards and my grouping was withing two inches shooting off hand while extremely tired (I just returned from a camping trip that day). The recoil is surprisingly soft, with no more kick that my .40 S&W full size XDM. In fact, when I load hot loads in my XDM, it has much more recoil that the CPX-2. I moved the target out to 10 yards and fired another 20 rounds with reasonable grouping, the long 9lbs trigger was getting the best of me there, but my grouping would be more than sufficient in a self defense situation. I filled the last ten rounds and moved the target out to 25 yards and cracked off all of the remaining rounds. My accuracy wasn't the best, but due to my failings and not the weapons. My grouping was almost non existent as I was pushing the trigger a little to the right, though I did manage to put one round directly through the bullseye.

    Overall, the weapon exceeded my expectations dramatically. The trigger is a little heavy and long but it's a self defense weapon so that may be a good thing. This firearm definitely shoots better than I do and has a great fit and finish. My only complaint is the trigger itself, not it's pull length or weight but the actual trigger. It has grooves on it, presumably for grip, but fifty rounds in starts to hurt my finger. For $250 after tax, this is one great bang for the buck.
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    I was beginning to think I was the only person who owned one of these great little pistols! That or the only one who loved it for what it is! I think this is really an under rated pistol or just maybe not known about by enough folks. Nice review bud!

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