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    Do you own a SCAR?
    Do you like Awesome upgrades?
    Do you like saving money?
    How much can you bench?

    If you answered yes, or even maybe to any of these questions... boy do I have a deal for you...
    Even if you don’t have a scar... you want one, and this will be a nice upgrade to have waiting for the day!

    It is battle worn... the previous owner shot his scar a lot, and did not baby it it’s powder burnt, and dirty.
    That said... it is a great candidate for some paint or Cerakote, or just clean it up and run it. It’s really not too bad.

    This is what you get:
    ED0F1BBD-EC16-47C2-B022-A1614FC6A96F.jpeg 0AC375D1-D5A1-4E5C-9738-42569D80E648.jpeg

    Vltor CASV-SCAR-T railCASV-SCAR: SCAR Handguard | VLTOR
    Vltor CASV-SCAR 3” handguard extensionCASV-SCAR-E: SCAR Handguard Extender KeyMod™ | VLTOR
    Vltor CASV rail sections(lots of em!) CASV RAIL SECTIONS: Picatinny | VLTOR
    $400 or so new for all, but I value it at around $200 trade

    Or $125 Cash... ya only $125! Trades are always welcome and my wish list is belowin blue.

    You are saving so much, you can have it cerakoted and still be money ahead of buying this stuff new.
    But wait. I just negotiated with the boss and am authorized to offer these other misc scar parts that are worth dozens of money.
    Authentic Factory FN Parts that are massively over priced..... yours with purchase!

    (2) OEM side rails with QD
    (2) stock bottom rails
    (2) barrel support

    A6B954EF-B729-4315-B5B7-F1B3D3D9B415.jpeg E85EE815-89D8-4E12-A055-660CBE501632.jpeg CADF274F-A2D6-4C01-8B96-7DB88811FF3C.jpeg 68E6D07D-6EE9-48F7-B656-97E64CD4BF6E.jpeg

    I am after just about anything cool...
    AR parts and accessories.... no junk though..
    Rails, BCGs, LPKs, barrels, Optics, etc...
    Colt, BCM, Knights Armorment, Noveske, Geissele, V7, Daniel Defense, Surefire, ARMS, PRI, ETC
    Ammo for .223/5.56, 9mm, 300bo
    Upgrades for my G19x...
    Silencerco Hybrid accessories
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    I did it:rolleyes:

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