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Scar 16s

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Gas, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Gas

    Gas Gig Harbor, Washington, United States Active Member

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    I got to fire one yesterday. I always thought of it as a novelty rifle for a civilian, but man is it light. Guy had an Acog on it and it was super nice shooting. He said he had a 17s on order (.308)

    Anyone have one, what are your feelings on them? I think a 17s would be overkill for a civilian, but then again some guys buy a Barrett .50cal.
  2. PhysicsGuy

    PhysicsGuy Corvallis, OR Resident Science Nut

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  3. PDX.DJB

    PDX.DJB Roseburg Member

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    I took the tactical rifle class at OFA last week and a guy brought one. It seemed to work well for him....but then again, so did all the other guns that were used. If cost isn't an issue, it's definitely a cool gun.
  4. Iceberg

    Iceberg Forest Grove Active Member

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    I think it looks & feels cheap. With so much plastic, you would also think it would sell for much less than $2300! I played with a Bushmaster ACR at Kieth's the other day and felt the same way about that rifle. The basic ACR was $2K w/ fixed stock & cheap Magpul plastic folding sights. I don't think either rifle is that much better than the venerable GI or Gas Piston AR15; I think I will keep my M4s & Springfield Armory M1As.