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Im selling a *NEVER FIRED* factory barrel from a Scar 16s. It’s 16.5” in length, calibrated in 5.56, and has 1:7 twist rate. I replaced this barrel with a 10” when the gun was brand new. The barrel assembly is complete with the factory break and front sight/gas block. This is perfect for a replacement barrel or ready to be cut down down for an SBR.

Portland/Vancouver area
I’m asking $700

2E2C79BD-2DEB-4483-87C6-155B15AE9B22.jpeg F2A64F79-4C69-43AF-A9DD-6979E8CED5E3.jpeg 660FD4AA-04F0-4F37-A0C3-A5325648A43A.jpeg A7E3B5FA-E8A0-4273-8492-D9C6E9655669.jpeg A45BADB7-3375-454A-AD93-6A79EC061A41.jpeg
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