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SBR and 922r

So apparently as of the middle of last year the general consensus was that all NFA weapons were exempt from 922r violations. Well I plan on SBRing an MP5K clone - MKE AT94k, which is imported in a pistol configuration so is exempt from 922r. However I am hearing alot (mostly on HKpro.com) that now this is untrue if I SBR it. Anybody have any insight to this? I know the reason was because of a letter received from the ATF in response to this question, however the law is vaguely written (as they all seem to be) and until this letter started floating around nobody cared. Thoughts?
922r does apply. I thought differently, because I just did a SBR.

I talked to the NFA dept. at BATF and they told me it didn't, including a e-mail from them. If fact he was getting frustrated with me challenging him. But they also included the section of 922 in this e-mail and if you read it; it does apply.

So I called another dept. and talked to another expert; in which he said; it applies. Better safe than sorry.

One thing I learned from BATF. Get the information or letter from them, covering your issue. Never use someone elses letter for reference or a forum for reference.

Hope that helps.

With all of the good original parts I have; I would rather keep it as original as possible.
Which I don't get.....922r covers importable "sporting" firearms....SBRs by definition are not sporting, they are restricted NFA items.
Exactly, I can't stand dumb laws! Still wondering how a shorter barrel with less velocity is more deadly and needs to be registered with a $200 tax stamp!
HEy you can almost get there. Just get a AR Pistol. About as close to a SBR and Classified as a pistol. It is covered under CHL too. Fun Fun little over-kill though ^^


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