SB941 - AfterAction Review #1

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What pieces of information do you think were most helpful for the Yea voters on SB941?

Poll closed May 10, 2015.
  1. Everytown Online report of sales on Armslist

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  2. "48% fewer police officers killed..."

    4 vote(s)
  3. "46% fewer domestic violence homicides..."

    9 vote(s)
  4. "48% fewer trafficked guns..."

    3 vote(s)
  5. "Auto-accidents surpassing firearms..."

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  6. "Because voters want it..."

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  7. "It will keep domestic

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  8. Post your own observation

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  1. tiggers97

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    Ok, first: it doesn't hurt to keep letting the Governor know we are not happy. And SB941 can still be fought in other ways. But stopping it in the legislature was a defeat for us. Time to regroup and do an after action review (It might also help with the remaining bills this session):

    My first questions:
    1) What do you think were the top 3 (or 5) reasons lawmakers gave or had for voting YES on SB941?
    2) Did we/you have an effective response?
    3a) If we did, was the response in a timely manner, well-thought out, supported, and/or communicated effectively?
    3b) If not, why?
    4) What would you do differently next time?

    I've got more questions/topics I think we should think about. But I think this is a good start without getting to long.

    Edit: I didn't include things like $75,000 donations. But wanted to try and focus on things we think we can control and influence.
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  2. rick benjamin

    rick benjamin
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    They are doing this to register all firearms.
    Prozanski's sister, murdered in Texas by her live-in boyfriend 20+ years ago wouldn't have been protected by any provision of this legislation.
    The blue-belly lizards refused amendments to mark felons IDs, refused any and all Republican requests for discussion, amendments.
  3. Stomper

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    Here's the bottom line reasons the party drones voted for it:

    Because they love "the party" more than their own lives, without "the party" they are nothing.

    They say they love individual freedom, but their actions say different.

    They want the state to be the master over the citizens, yet they must move in small increments or be rejected.

    An armed citizenry cannot be allowed, it will challenge the authority of the state.

    In their minds they are the state, and you are nothing more than laborers to do their bidding.

    You're nothing more than a herd of farm animals whose only purpose is to provide for the state, you are a cash crop to be bought and sold then used up.

    Although they fear you they tolerate you because you serve a purpose, therefore they hate you because you exist
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  4. etrain16

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    Yep, this had nothing to do with 'facts', studies or reports - that information is just used to numb the brains of the voting public and distract them from the truth of what is really happening. I take your poll to be about what convinced the actual politicians, and my answer is - none of it. They have an agenda that isn't based on any single bit of fact or actual concern about people, they want our guns gone, period, and will lie, cheat, scandalize, attack and steal, ala Alinsky, to make it happen. All of the information generated was a smoke screen to make it appear that there was some kind of logic or reason on their side. There wasn't. This was an assault on the rights of gun-owners, period.

    And I swear I'm going to scream the next time I hear one of these anti-gun politicians say the "aren't against gun ownership" or "I own a .22" or "I grew up with guns". Reminds me of the BS Martha Schrader was tossing out in the County Commisssion meeting back in February.
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  5. Dyjital

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    Rank and file pushing an agenda.
  6. tkdguy

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    I'm thinking they were successful to implant a falsified narrative into the sheep's thinking or mental set thereby causing them to behave in ways consistent with the antigun agenda. tkdguy
  7. tiggers97

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    Appreciate the feedback so far. I started the poll to see if others were hearing the same thing I was.

    I acknowledge that there are politicians that would still vote for gun control even if Jesus, Satan, Stalin, Obama and Feinstein (sorry Jesus) were to appear before them and all say in unison "gun-control doesn't work. Vote no."

    But I would say there were at least a few squishy legislatures who seemed to almost cling to the poll questions like a security blanket. Effectively kicking that leg out from their stool might have forced them to vote the other way(?) So is there a pattern to what clicked, and what didn't? Different politicians vote for different reasons, I'm just trying to see about narrowing down on one segment to see if there is a way to be more effective.

    The Everytown online report as one example: I think, for myself at least, I came up with a good sound rebuttal as to why it shouldn't be trusted. But it took me a couple weeks to focus on it and polish it to a dull luster. And by the time I'm emailing all the legislatures with the info, its just a day or two before the vote. Too late. I thought I had found something good with the "police officers killed" as well (49% fewer killed in Oregon than states with background checks) before this all started. But again, if people don't know, it cannot be used. So much for a team of one.

    My own thoughts are that the next time something like the Everytown report comes out:
    1) Get a work-group together to quickly read, digest and analyse the report. (1-4 days?)
    2) Write up a few short and long responses for it that appeals to targeted audiences. (5th day?)
    3) Market it (and this is were I lack the expertise) to the public and our own side.
    (Who to contact? Letters to editor? Who are the sympathetic radio talents? Contacts in other groups? Best social groups?)​
    4) Spam those squishy representatives we identified this round repeatedly (Or close districts after the election) with only 2-3 consistent messages before the Everytown propaganda sets in like a festering infection. The goal being to try and remove the strongest reasons for voting for a particular issue, and make the remainder who DO use those numbers appear dumb for doing so.

    I know there are other aspects to the whole game, as others alluded to above, where this would not be effective. But as the old saying goes about "how do you eat an elephant"? I'm not trying to say we need to use only one way to eat the elephant all in one bite, just figuring out how to focus on eating a couple of the legs, and leaving the other parts for others to focus on :)

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  8. stascom

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    Since corruption is the motivator, we need to threaten what they love the most - money and power. If roles were reversed, if this bill was legal and effective, but Bloomberg was supportive of the Constitution and paid them to NOT pass the bill. They would've abided and kicked it out. Lives and safety don't matter. Therefore, facts don't matter. Continue recall actions, continue to education the public. Getting traitors out of the office is the only way, IMO. If we could sway them once, we would be forced to watch our backs because snakes cannot be trusted. Replace this trash with persons of character, so we don't have to watch over their shoulder 24/7.
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  9. Greenbug

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    It's like when you get in an argument with your wife/girlfriend. You should know that you are going to loose because they (wife/girlfriend) are not burdened with the need to think rationally. You might as well go out in your yard this fall and yell at the trees to pick up their leaves...

    Being dead is not troublesome, you do not know you are dead, it is only difficult for the ones who are left.
    It is the same when you are stupid.
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  10. dracozny


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    Politician votes are bought and paid for, bills get passed by the larger $$ sum.

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