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    I have a like new SB47 Arm Brace.
    Comes with origional box and useless ATF letter.
    This brace is for the Draco and Zastava type AK pistols.

    ***This is NOT designed for your AR (just to avoid confusion).

    Yes, the ad is marked "free" but it comes with a few conditions:

    You must be a renewing or signing up for a new Gold or Platinum membership. OR make a donation equal to those membership rates.
    This must be confirmed by sign up date info then reconfirmed by admin.
    After that, its YOURS!

    You're going to sign up anyway, why not get some free swag while yer at it?

    Here is the last condition, I connot ship it, you must be able to make it to the Sportsmans Warehouse in Tanasbourne on a Sunday.
    I work all week, every week and cannot make it to the post office, we can hammer time/date details out via PM after.

    Again this is "FREE" BUT only if you meet the conditions Ive listed above.
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    Nice offer ZA! If it had been for an AR compatible model I may have just jumped on that myself.
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