SB 941 Jeff Kruse Letter 04-10-15

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    Senator Jeff Kruse
    R-Roseburg, District 1
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    Working Hard For You

    APRIL 10, 2015


    There were several interesting and very troubling events relative to bills that happened this week. I am going to focus on three of them; two were in committees and one on the Senate floor. The first is Senate Bill 941 which is the gun background check bill. It has been stated by Senator Prozanski that this will help end gun violence, which is patently untrue. The focus of the anti-gun people has always been the school shootings and events like the Clackamas Town Center shooting. The reality is nothing in this legislation would have had an impact on any of those events; in fact it was a man with a concealed carry permit who stopped the shooter at the Clackamas Town Center.

    I want to share with you some statistics and a comparison of two cities, Chicago with a population of 2.7 million and Houston with a population of 2.15 million. Chicago allows no concealed carry permits and has no gun stores, which means they should be a “gun free zone.” Houston allows concealed carry and has 184 gun stores and an additional 1500 stores where guns can be purchased. I would think the advocates for SB 941 would have to claim Chicago to be the safer city. However, what you would actually find should change people’s minds. In 2012 the number of homicides in Chicago was 1,806 and the number of homicides in Houston was 207. It should also be pointed out the country with the lowest level of gun violence is Switzerland where all citizens are not only trained in the use of guns but actually own one (or more).

    The reality is that putting more restrictions on law-abiding citizens will not stop criminals from getting guns and this bill will in some ways make people less safe. Gang members, drug cartels and other criminals will always be able to get guns. SB 941 will do nothing more than make it harder and more expensive for the average citizen to be able to protect themselves. The vote in the Senate will come on Tuesday and with the Democrat 18 to 12 majority it will pass.

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    Thanks for sharing. All we can keep doing is hammering on are legislators and hope they hear us.

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