SB 941 EBC Hearing dates 4/1 and 4/2; written testimony to

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    According to Cease Fire Oregon the committee meeting record will remain open and testimony will be accepted until 5 pm, Wednesday April 1, 2015. Two panels of invited testimony will be heard from 8 to 8:30 am followed by public testimony until 10 am.

    A WORK SESSION will be held on Wednesday, April 2nd at 8 am for SB 941 at the Capitol Building, Salem, Hearing Room 50.

    Ceasefire cites:

    87 % of Oregonians including 83% of Oregon Gun owners support background check (source Americans for Responsible Solutions); however, this statement does not appear to be specified to this type of bill. I'd support Federal Background Checks on retail sales, but not this within the private sector.

    Gun deaths in this state out number car deaths (Source: Violence Policy Center).

    In states that require comprehensive background checks 48 % of on duty police officers are shot and killed and 46% fewer women are shot and killed by their intimate partners (source: Everytown for Gun Safety)

    Perhaps this information will be useful for those that want to torpedo the bill.

    Thanks. tkdguy

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