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    Guys and Gals of NWFA, please take a moment to read over this and email your reps.
    NRA-ILA | Oregon Dangerous Background Check Legislation to be Heard in Senate Committee this Thursda

    Here's the email I wrote, feel free to copy/paste or modify it any way you see fit, or compose your own.
    Just remember, be polite and respectful, but be sure to get the point across.


    I would like to address the issue of SB 1551, which would criminalize the private transfer of firearms.
    Oregon is a great state because it's one that's still relatively free, and I would like to do my best to keep it that way.

    Making the private sale of firearms illegal is not only going against the Constitution, it's invading even further into the personal lives of citizens. Even if SB 1551 becomes law, it will not stop private transfers, especially those that occur between criminals. Why waste time enacting a pointless law when the effort and resources could be put to better use, such as bolstering crime prevention?

    I urge you, on behalf of all freedom loving Oregonians, to put this bill to rest, and move on to more important things. Attention will be paid to the actions taken on this matter, and will directly influence many votes when that time comes.

    With respect,
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