The gun is the Savage Model 12 BVSS with accutrigger. It is a .223 long action with a 1 in 9 " twist. It has the broad varmiter series laminate stock, and the 26'' fluted bull barrel. The ejector has been removed so your brass doesnt hit the ground (Still have this and will include). I have added lead to the inside of the stock for added balence and weight. No recoil what so ever. The gun has been shot 550 times and cleaned every shot. No blemishes what so ever it has been babied since day one. This rifle is very accurate 1/4 " 100 yrd and 3 " 400 yrd. I bought everything new hand have taken well care of it.

The scope is a Burris Signature Select Series 8x32x44. It has the fine plex cross hairs and has the fine eye focus adjustment as well as the course adjustment... The scope has been mounted on Hi Rise burris lee rings and mounts... The scope has a cant leveler i put on as well as a MOA scroll i filled out to 500 yrds..

Basically I put this gun together and did all the reload testing for it, entered one match target competition and won and havent shot it since... I paid well over $1800 for everything. I feel guilty even putting a price on this gun but i feel even more guilty not shooting it... The gun is dialed in and is ready to enter a competition tomorrow. Will also throw in the 50 or so reloaded shells I have for it. I am looking to get $1350 obo for this rifle and scope

Savage Arms Firearms > 12 BVSS

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