Savage BMag.Finally got to shoot today!

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    I saw this gun months ago and wanted to try it out. Watched you tube and decided the only affordable rifle may not be worth it.The Savage BMag wasn't anywhere near as accurate as their 17HMRs were.
    Winchester made a low wall,for around $1000.And there is an AR chambered for 17WSM for $1400
    Oye Vey.Guess I'll just stick with 17hmr.
    Then Savage came out with a bull barrel model.One of the complaints with the first generation was the chincy stock. This one does have a cheap stock also.
    So I bought the bull barrel model as a test gun. Hey why not me testing a gun?.Had to wait till I moved in here to buy a scope. Found a BSA 17WSM BDC scope that a few guys on line were having luck with. It's a fine scope.Nothing special.4.5X16,tall turrets,front focus. 17 super mag it is called.
    I bought 450 rounds of ammo when I bought the gun,American eagle brand.And I found some winchester ammo too.
    Took a few rounds to get it sorted out.Clicks seemed different each time.Then I got it shooting perfect.As I was centering it at 25 yards,I was shooting 1 hole groups fairly regularly. Now the wind was howling straight down the long range alley so I didn't go out to 100 yards on paper.Figured the 20 gr bullets may be 'gone with the wind'...sorry
    But with no one but me at the range,I shot out to 200+ yards (laser ranged) just over the side of the berm between the 2 alleys.I was hitting on or right next to everything I shot at.
    Very happy with the results.
    As for the ammos,I started with the AE.That's what I zeroed it with.Just before I left I remembered the Winchester being in the bag.Shot a few rounds of that and the POI was almost identical
    AMerican eagle 20 grain tipped varmint and Winchester 20 grain Varmint HV. Both identical ballistics,leading me to believe I spent more ...ha! the AE was more than the fancy boxed Winchester!
    Still I'm guessing they are the same ammo.I guess it's all made in Boise? Or a lot of rimfires are?
    Sorry I am completely inept at posting pics (and will not bother trying)
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