Savage 99EG 250-3000

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    I have a Savage 99EG chambered in 250-3000, manufactured in 1951 (serial # 6224XX). This has been my deer rifle since I was old enough to hunt, and it is a great rifle/caliber combo for that purpose. It has a Tasco Pronghorn scope mounted. The rifle shows that it has been hunted with, with some wearing down of the bluing on the barrel tip and along the bottom of the receiver. There is also some minor freckling on the bottom of the receiver. Bore is perfect and shoots straight.

    The rifle is a good shooter, it has been used to take deer out past 300 yards with ease. If you have any questions or want more pictures, I would be happy to oblige.

    Hoping for $650 (seems to be about the going price on Gunbroker, this rifle in more minty condition going for over $1000) or trade.

    Interesting trade items: Big bore rifles (45/70, 416, etc), AK47/74, AR15, AR10, 257WBY, or any nice bolt action hunting rifle, quality rifle scope, ???






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