SAVAGE 99 EG 308/7.62x51 (TRD/PND

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    what we have here, is a 99 sav in EG series......was org. owned by my "MOM" had the stock cut 2 in. & mom only fired it a couple of times ! dad & i shot bout 50 rnds thru in & playing, then it hung in a gun rack, behind seat of truck for yrs. dad had a "cabinet maker" put a 2" piece back on the stock(couldn't find the org,but it's damn close)
    with the ser. num. it appears to be late 60's to early 70's & very clean inside w/brass rd. cnt.
    the gun is an easy 200 to 800 yrd. gun with 308 ammo, the 7.62x51 is a lower pressure rnd, so i'm not to sure on the yardage one would get / or "moa"
    has a bush./bnr 4 x scope on it at the moment w/special ord. raised mnts (99 sav. only)
    trades excepted....glock- 19 or 17- 9mm....straight up !!
    i will allow 150 off for a hi-point in 9mm or 40 cal.......i need a trk gun thumbhole stk
    cash price is = 490.00

    email or phone call = 541-690-2418 (don't do texts, cuz i don't do texts)
    99savgage007.jpg 99savgage006.jpg 99savgage005.jpg 99savgage003.jpg 99savgage002.jpg
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