WTS WA Savage 755A Steel Frame Late 40's/early 50's Semiauto 12ga

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    Great gun, my first shotgun. It's a bit heavy, but sturdy and has some pretty acid etching on it. It is a bit scratched up and the wood is probably not original, but the insides are still in great shape (I even cut myself while cleaning out 50 or so years of dirt buildup). Hasn't had a hangup since.
    As far as I've been able to research, Savage made these shotguns from 1949 onwards, 755 being the steel and 775 being an aluminum receiver, and A=1949, B=1950, etc. but I couldn't find much to confirm the dating - it is a steel receiver semiauto probably built in 1949.

    Asking 225 dollars or best offer.

    Comes with gun sock, a cleaning kit, and whatever ammo I can scrounge up.

    Msg me for more info, email, cell, etc. Is a great antique and I really wouldn't normally sell a first type of gun (this was also my first kill gun on a grouse - this gun is kinda special to me), but I wouldn't mind a little extra dough for another purchase.

    We can meet at an FFL of your choice as well, or at any gun club that allows shotguns (if you wanna see it work).


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