SAVAGE 420 O/U Shotgun Classic American Made 12 Gauge $180

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by Dilmonkey, Dec 10, 2011.

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  1. Dilmonkey

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    This is a classic over and under 12 gauge shotgun from the late 1930's to the early
    1940's. It is a dual trigger with top mounted safety.

    I've had it for about 15 years. It looks like someone attempted to reblue it years ago and did a workmanlike job, not bad, but not great, however it's got rust protection so that's important.

    When I got it, someone had left the hammers cocked for what was probably many decades and the hammer spring strike was pretty light and it would have an occasional failure to fully dimple the primer. I bought and installed a new wolf brand spring kit and took it out shooting clays several times afterwards and it functioned flawlessly. I had never taken apart an over and under shotgun and that was a fun learning experience. It really made me appreciate the craftmanship involved in those vintage designs (that haven't changed much if at all frankly).

    This would be a fun shotgun for shooting clays, trap etc... It has 30" barrels with a full and modified choke (full on top, modified on the bottom) and has a well balanced feel.

    A cool piece of American history that you can still enjoy today.

    This will only be available through the afternoon Monday the 12th (I'm moving and it will be packed and gone after that).

    I'll try to get some images later today.

    I will consider trades for a .22 handgun (it's smaller and will be easier to pack).
  2. PaulZ

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    i'll take it Monday morning 10:30 or so
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