Savage 212 Slug Gun Review

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by kirkthoma, Jan 31, 2014.

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    I wanted to post a quick review of the Savage 212 12 ga slug gun in case anybody was wondering about buying one. I bought the gun and mounted a Leupold 3x9 VX1 on it after missing a deer with my .44 Redhawk :eek:. Shooting Hornady SST slugs, I brought this to the range. Functions perfectly, magazine seems a bit cheap. Shoots like a laser. Fired 5 shots to get scope lined up, and then fired a 3 shot group at 100 yards (see pic). Then I put the gun away (it was that good). Shot a small forky at 80 yards, it ran about 30 yards and died. Slug passed through and did the job nicely. Would recommend for anybody on the fence. 9 shots through it total, 1 good group, and 1 dead deer. Can't complain, Savage does it again. If I only would have bought it BEFORE hunting season, I would have a much bigger buck than a forky on my wall.

    Red crosshairs in pic are my aiming point, squares are 1".


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    Thanks for the review. I was gonna buy one but I did not like the stock that it came with. Never did look into see if there was aftermarket stocks available or not. I ended up buying a h&r ultra slug Hunter. not as good of groups as what you show. If I would of known the groups that you got I might of bought one.

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