Sat.8/1/2009 2pm

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    Sunbirds, Chehalis, WA. Observed.. in stock, on shelves, no limits..

    Large Supply of CCI Large rifle magnium primers. Upwards of 20 bricks ,$39.90/ea
    Multiple reloading powders: Win 296, H110, Alliant reloaders multiple #'s, RedDot,
    Did not see any Win 231, or Alliant Unique.
    They had some Accurate #2, 5, &7 and other Large caliber rifle powders.
    Powders ran from $19.98->24.98/#

    Most calibers of ammo in stock also at the new higher prices.
    Lots of pistol and standard rifle rounds plus alot of hunting and personal defense ammo too.

    Posting this is just incase some need ammo, powder, or LRM primers. good luck. There was not any lineup or frenzy at that time.. SR
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    Got an address? I'm acutally right up the road tonight, took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge to play on the waterslides. Maybe I'll try and find this place on the way home.

    **edit** Nevermind on the address. I found it on google maps. I'm gonna stop and see if I can grab some powder and check out what else they've got. Hope they are open Sundays.
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