San Francisco’s Unconstitutional Laws Targeted

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    The NRA has sued the city of San Francisco targeting three provisions of city law based on the Heller decision. The Heller decision hinged on whether or not a provision interfered with individual’s ability to defend himself or herself with a firearm. San Francisco’s code has several analogous provisions including:

    “A requirement that handguns in San Francisco homes be kept in a locked cabinet or disabled with a trigger lock.”

    “A ban on the sale of fragmenting bullets.”

    “A city ordinance that prohibits the discharge of firearms within city limits.”

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    About time the Republic of Sin Francisco gets taken down a few pegs.... again. That "lock it away where you can't get at it when you need it" law is insane. About the same as passing a law requiring one to partially dismantle one's vehicle when letting it stand overnight in the garage.....

    about par for that city. I hope the NRA manage to force them back into the remainder of the Union... at least on this score.

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