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    sample letter and contact info for you to send to legislators

    Diane Rosenbaum

    Ted Ferriolli

    Lee Beyer

    Ginny Burdick

    Bruce Starr


    Dear Senator,
    It's clear that SB 1551 is nothing more than an effort to expand gun registration. The very records the State Police claim to be destroying are required to be kept by private parties. Failure to keep these records is a crime and there is no provision for a person who has legitimately lost them. Why should I be required to keep records (perhaps forever) the State Police are required to destroy?

    Even the Oregon Sheriff's Association recognizes this serves no legitimate law enforcement purpose.

    Vote NO on SB 1551
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    I sent this to Burdick and Rosenbaum:

    I am urging you to vote no on SB 1551. This bill is registration. It is requiring information that is not needed for doing a background check. Its stated purpose is a lie. It is being misrepresented. Anyone voting for this bill will be actively engaging in lying to their constituents. This bill would build a database of who owns firearms and how many they own and what specifically they are. This is all mandatory information to accomplish confiscation. That is the purpose of this bill. Where I work we are continually reminded that knowledge is power and I believe that. The more knowledge my reports have means that they can make better decisions and are better able to contribute to achieving our goals. They can work better as a team and achieve success. That also applies to the government. Knowledge is power. The more knowledge that our government has about its citizens the more power it can exert. The more power it will exert. The power belongs to the people and not to the government. The control belongs to the people and not the government. Do not be a party to this deception.

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