Just hearing about this, I don't know all the details, don't want to assume accidental discharge or anything. It was posted on Facebook but then people started posting personal info and it got deleted.

South Salem Commercial St WinCo.

Sad. I'm not one to preach or lecture at a time like this, my thoughts go out to the family

Just wanted to get the info out there
You are thinking of the wrong Winco, the one in the OP is in South Salem on Commercial, the one by Sportsman's is on Lancaster and is no where as sketchy as the WalMart on the other side of 22 next to Tweaker Park.
dude tell me bout it. that park was fine when i was a kid. used to fish there a lot and now all there is hoodrat lookin RVs, GARBAGE and needles EVERYWHERE.

Mark W.

Used to be Marion Square Park was the Wino hang out. Now they are almost every where in Salem. I drive dump truck out of River Bend on the end of Lancaster St. And have watched the same crew beg money at the off ramps and ramp from 22 to Lancaster for at least 7 years now. One of them a woman has almost permanent residency at the intersection of Turner Road and HWY 22. I watch people donate to thier habits all the time. Which baffles the hell out of me. Do not these do gooders know where the money goes?

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