WTS WA Saiga 5.45 AK74 + 1,500 rounds 5.45x39 7n6

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    This is a converted saiga 5.45. It is an ak74 pattern rifle. It has the original factory finish which isn’t anything spectacular and can be left as is or can be recoated with whatever you choose. There are some scratches in the finish here and there from normal use but nothing severe. No rust at all. The sights are nice and straight, which is hard to find in the ak world. I have pulled the bolt hold open but that can easily be re-installed. I have had approximately half of a spam can through this gun so it’s seen no more than 580 rounds, and always cleaned as soon as possible to avoid corrosion. You can look at the bore and rifling and see that this rifle is still basically new. I drilled the factory handguard to both lighten and vent the front of the gun. It has a two tone look with the FDE furniture. It includes 18 magazines total, most still brand new, 1 original 10 rounder, 2 unloaded tapco mags, and 15 loaded tapco mags downloaded 2. Included in the full asking price is an unopened spam can of Russian 7n6 ammunition complete with the can opener. That’s 1,500 rounds of 7n6 total. I can split the ammo and sell with another saiga 5.45 we have which is also for sale. If you would like more details on that just ask. We can always come up with a price for a package deal. They both have original owner’s manuals and factory proof paperwork. It’s clean, frog lubed, and ready to go shooting! The asking price is $1,500 OBO.

    Saiga 5.45 AK-74 5.45x39 Converted:

    Tapco G2 Fire Control Group

    Bullet Guide

    Stainless steel hardware

    A2 Style Flash hider

    Magpul AFG FDE installed on magpul picatinny rail

    Hogue Grip FDE

    Tapco 6 position m4 style stock

    Chrome silicon main spring and disconnector spring

    Vented factory Handguard

    1 factory 10 round mag

    17 tapco mags(most new!), 15 loaded with 28 rounds of 7n6 5.45x39

    1 unopened spam can of Russian 7n6 5.45x39 1,080 rounds and spam can opener

    Original owner’s manual and factory proof paperwork
















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