Saiga 223 msa mag adapter uses AR 15 mags

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by uptownsouldier253, Nov 13, 2012.

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    I have a saiga 223 that i converted for sale. it started off like every other sporterized saiga. i converted the trigger using a tapco g2 double hook fcg that was polished on only the contact areas as well as a couple other tricks that i used to produce a nice shorter and smoother trigger. i used a polish tantal folding stock that i wrapped in paracord and attached a factory remington 870 buttpad to increase the lop for me and also allows you to shoulder the weapon higher. i used an a2 style grip. the handguard is an mp5 wide handguard custom fit to the rifle. it currently has a wolff extra strength recoil spring to tame down hot loads but includes the factory spring as well. fred at c.a.r. firearms permanently attached the a2 flash hider as well as fit the msa ar 15 mag adapter. this gun can use any ar15 magazine as well as any 223 ak style mag. includes 3 pro mags and 3 magpul windowed pmags with a little over 60 round of ammo. also includes vented factory handguard. i've honestly only put maybe 200 rounds down the pipe. i build a lot of guns for fun and then often need the money for other projects. this is an awesome fast and light build that settles the ak vs ar debate is it's the most reliable platform with a proven more accurate round, the best of both worlds in this battle rifle! i'm looking for $700 or will trade for as much 5.45x39 as you have or 5.45x39 ak74 mags or parts to convert 2 saiga 5.45 ak74's. thanks everybody!

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