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    First off, I'm only selling my Saiga to pay off some debt. So NO TRADES WILL BE CONSIDERED!

    With that out of the way...Here we have a fully converted Saiga 12. Here's the list of goodies:

    Tapco Intrafuse Fore-end
    Tapco Intrafuse vertical grip
    Tapco G2 trigger group
    Tapco adjustable stock
    Tapco stainless steel gas piston
    2 surefire 12 round mags (Hold 13 rounds, but bolt hold open is gone, so have to manually hold the bolt back and load the mag with 13 in it)
    Factory 5 round mag

    This gun is just stupid fun, and will cycle anything you can throw at it. The best part about it is it's favorite ammo is the cheapest Walmart bulk low-brass stuff you can buy. I also smoothed out the trigger on it and if you pull slow enough, you won't even know it's going until it clicks.


    Here it is in action. Count the shells and notice the next one being chambered out of the mag :D

    I was bump firing in the picture so no, this is not a fully automatic shotgun.

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