Sage Rata and Weather Conditions?

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by Warthog, May 17, 2010.

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    My trip planned for this past weekend got concealed and the last minute. I am hoping to go this next weekend, but I am worried about the extend forecast, which is calling for showers and mostly cloudy conditions. Which brings me to my question, are the Sage Rats out on cloudy days? It seems I read something last year about needing a sunny day to find good Numbers. I hate to spend my Sage Rat hunting budget on a bad weekend. So I'd like to hear from more experienced hunters on this subject.

    Second Question:

    I hear that the grass is getting really tall, which means the spring season is almost over. I know there is a second shorter season for hunting after the fields are cut. Is there a way to know without the drive, when the fields are being cut? This is my oldest sons last year to hunt before going to college back east. So I'd like to get at least one good day of shooting in.

    Thanks for your help!
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    I realize this is a very late reply to your question and may not be relevant at this point, especially if your son has gone on to college.

    Anyway, went shooting right around the time of your post. It was the 1st warm day with sun. Did not see any squirrels all day even though the sun had warmed up the air temperature. Finally they came out @ 3:00 PM! Was able to get only 125 shots that afternoon.

    Weather is a major issue in pursuing these critters. The other major issue is people getting to a field before you do.

    Chuck Smith

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