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SA XD40 Sub-com's....Finicky with reloads ?

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by ob1, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. ob1

    ob1 49th parallel Well-Known Member

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    I have recentlty picked up a new Springfield XD Sub-Compact in .40 S&W. It shoots just fine when using factory loads, but will not fully chamber otherwise reliable reloads.

    After double checking the reloads for sizing problems, it dawned on me that this is the only gun that I have (and any of my shooting buddies have) that has a problem with these loads. After checking with a number of local established gunsmiths. I have found that nobody will modify the chamber to accept reloads. Springfield warns against using reloads at all in their manual...... letting out a return to the factory for a fix .

    Has anyone else experienced this ? Any fixes out there ?
  2. coyoteman5

    coyoteman5 North south east west Active Member

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    I reloaded 155gr xp HP for mine an it had no problem with them.
  3. Skang

    Skang WA Well-Known Member

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    You just need to fine tune your reloads a bit.

    One of the reason, a short throat is sometimes the culprit. Too long an O.A.L. is sometimes the problem, even with barrels with average throats.
  4. ob1

    ob1 49th parallel Well-Known Member

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    Thanks for the replies guys..............
    I have been using 180gr. bullets, round nose lead on the reloads and semi-wadcutter 180gr and 180gr Hydra-Shok on the factory loads (which work just fine).

    As for the OAL on the reloads, I have'nt gauged them again yet, but lined up with the factory loads, they match. It's just the very last fraction of an inch that won't chamber (the same amount that doesn't touch the die just above the rim of the case) . Once fired brass, about forty rounds total through the barrel. One suggestion I have heard is to have the feed ramp and corresponding perimeter of the chamber face re-polished ?
  5. Walter Sobchak

    Walter Sobchak Silverton Silver Supporter Silver Supporter

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    My Xd45 wouldn't run semi-wadcutters at all. The slide would catch the shoulder of the top round in the magazine, leaving a burr on the bullet, and nicking the brass. This damage would prevent the pistol from returning to battery. A little internet research led me to the conclusion that this is a design problem with the Xd series. Only solution I found was to stop loading semi-wadcutters for my Xd.
  6. M67

    M67 NW Oregon Active Member

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    I would not alter a firearm which is reliable with factory ammunition, when you know the reloads are to blame. Fix your problem with the reloads.

    There is also more to consider than OAL, the profile/shoulder length of the bullet must be taken into account as well.

    I also do not load lead bullets, because i can get JHP bullets for such a low cost.

    The time and effort to properly clean a barrel with lead buildup, drives me nuts. It is much easier to remove copper fouling than lead buildup.


  7. PX4WA

    PX4WA Tacoma, WA Active Member

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    .40 sw cases are known for bulging at the base...

    if your sizing die is not screwed down far enough then that bulge is not resized...
  8. Mikej

    Mikej Portland Gold Supporter Gold Supporter 2015 Volunteer 2016 Volunteer

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    If I'm reading you correctly, the cartridge doesn't go into the chamber fully? Causing the slide to not lock into full battery? Besides the issue with "Glocked" brass being slightly buldged, you possibly need to reduce COAL slightly. SAFELY! Case in point, Wifeys Kimber Pro Aegis II worked great with factory 115 & 124gr FMJ RN. When I loaded Berry's the stright side of the bullets were longer than factory, and when loaded to spec would jamb into the riflings in the barrel. So it's not the chamber that's short, its' the bullets that are long. I was needing to reduce OAL by .100+, not safe pressure wise IMO. With Montana Gold bullets I only needed to reduce oal by .035, and using toward the lower end of the powder measurements to keep pressure safe they shoot good. Whenever I go to load a new caliber I will take the barrel out of the gun and drop/push a finished cartridge in the barrel, if it doesn't fall out on its own when tipped up I need to adjust COAL. Also, perhaps if you were to drop to a 165 gr bullet? Use a different brand?