South Africans Fighting Their Government to Keep Guns, as Violence Continues to Soar

Same link at 12ft ladder:

"South Africans are clamouring for guns in the midst of soaring violent crime, while their government tries to pass legislation to outlaw ownership of firearms for self-defense.

“A government is supposed to protect its people. A government is supposed to care about the welfare of citizens,” said Dave ...

“Here we have a government which has established one of the most useless police forces in the world, and under whose watch we are now one of the most dangerous countries on the planet. A government that says South Africa will be safer when private citizens are not allowed to own guns!”

"He explained further: “Our data shows that the majority of gun crimes are committed by criminals in possession of weapons stolen from private citizens.”"

"Oxley points out that the 5.4 million private guns in South Africa are “legal, and registered by responsible people who have to undergo strict competency training and background checks before they’re permitted to take possession of firearms.”"
Except for the criminals, who apparently get them by stealing.

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