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SA 2000M AK-47

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Poonaner, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Poonaner

    Poonaner Member

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    Olympia, WA
    I have a FEG SA 2000M Hungarian AK-47 with the standard 10rnd mag. I was doing a bit of research and found out that I can't get any high cap mags for it because they don't fit and don't make them for that type of rifle. My question is, how much work is it to widen out the mag well to get the high cap mags to fit, will a gunsmith do the work for me or should i just buy another AK with the money I would be spending on the work to get done?
  2. wayoutwest

    wayoutwest Active Member

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    Polk County, Oregon
    You should be able to measure carefully and open up the magwell at home with a dremmel or mill if you have the know how. You will then need to add US compliance parts for .922.

    You might need to look at the feed ramp or bolt to see if it will feed and strip from a double stack mag since it was designed for a single stack mag.
  3. theguncrank

    theguncrank Active Member

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    Columbia County
    I did a magazine port modification on my SA2000M with a Dremel, using a template (traced from a friend's SA85) on the receiver, and slow and careful "trial and error" to grind the internal parts to fit. At the time, I was able to order the necessary standard AK trigger guard spacer and magazine latch parts from Numrich; and I replaced the rivets with small hex bolts and added compliance parts. It was a several hour project with hand tools, but well worth it to me.